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Journal of Nephrology supports World Kidney Day 2018: Special Call for Papers for the Topical collection Obstetric Nephrology 
In 2018 World Kidney Day and the International Women’s Day will be commemorated on the same day (March 8) offering the opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’ s health and specifically their kidney health. 
There is a clear need for greater awareness, timely diagnosis and proper follow up of CKD in pregnancy. In turn, pregnancy may also be a valuable occasion to diagnose CKD early, allowing for the planning of therapeutic interventions.

Journal of Nephrology has already been focusing on women through the Topical Collection Obstetric Nephrology and is glad to reconfirm its support to World KidneyDay by

  • extending aSpecial call for papers for the Topical collection Obstetric Nephrology guest edited by Giorgina Piccoli and Gianfranca Cabiddu in occasion of the World Kidney Day 2018
  • awarding among those accepted for publication the best article with Open access fully sponsored by the Italian Society of Nephrology (a value of 2,200 euros) and an invitation to give a lecture at the Italian Society of Nephrology Congress 2018 (Travel expenses, hotel accommodation and Congress registration will be covered by the Italian Society of Nephrology). 

Journal of Nephrology seeks research papers, reviews or emblematic case report and review of the literature that address all the major issues in this field, including:

  • acute kidney diseases in pregnancy, including preeclampsia and its short- and long-term effects on kidney function;
  • chronic kidney diseases in pregnancy, optimally including both their diagnosis and clinical management;
  • ethical issues in obstetric nephrology. 

And so, what are you waiting for? Follow the instructions and seize this exciting opportunity to give significant exposure to your research!

1. Read the introductory Editorial to the Topical collection “Pregnancy and kidney disease: from medicine based on exceptions to exceptional medicine”

2. Stay up to date and check what’s already been published in the topical collection Obstetric Nephrology

3. Read the Journal’s full Instructions for authors

4. Submit online your paper by March 8 2018

5. The Editors will select the best article by May 31 2018

6. The Italian Society of Nephrology will fully cover the Open Access fee for the winning article and will invite the principal author of the winning article to give a short lecture on the occasion of the next Italian Society of Nephrology Congress (October 2018 – Italy).

7. In case you need further information, contact the Journal’s Publishing Editor(